Pratical advice


the colonist is the national currency but the US dollar is also trés used. For 1 US, you obtain approximately 550colones (approximate). You can consult the official exchange rates on the site of the Banco Nacional page of upper right access by clicking on.

We recommend you to make your transactions(deals) of exchange in one of the numerous banks (present his passport) and to avoid changing a lot of money the airport on arrival, the courts being little competitive. Furthermore, pay most of the time in local currency, certain establishments exchanging money in the previous course of colones 500 for 1 US. Plan also the 29-dollar sum in cash for the departure, the amount corresponding to the taxes of exit to be paid to the airport.



the photocopy of your passport, if possible with the page of the entrance visa, is accepted in many situations (banks, police etc.) the original which can be put in safety in one of the safes of your room. A pharmacy of IT repair to Villareal, 2 km only, will make for you without other photocopies wished for some colones.

Drive in Costa Rica

Drive in Costa Rica :

Leave nothing in your vehicle and prefer the watched car parks. For a 1 or 2-dollar tip.

The night driving is also very difficult, because of the numerous pedestrians, the bicycles and others, who circulate without light.






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